Our people – simpler version

The Engineering Leadership Council is a non-profit organization with a volunteer Board of  Directors, volunteer speakers and one full-time staff position.  This structure enables professionals to volunteer a bit of their time and expertise, yet still have a big impact.

The Engineering Leadership Council was founded by Pam Rogalski and Jody Rechenmacher; two professional engineers who are driven by a desire to increase meaningful opportunities and tools so all engineers can better serve our communities.

Pamela Rogalski, Co-founder and CEO

Jody Rechenmacher, Co-founder and Board Member

Nick Hawley, Board Member

Elisabeth Croft, Board Member

Dave Gallagher, Board Member

Kat Louman-Gardiner, Invested Partnership Manager

Philip Swanson, Software Developer

Sara Pour, Curriculum Development Leader

Sal Alajek, Engineers Without Borders, National Office Relationship Lead

Christine Blair, Engineers Without Borders, City Network Relationship Lead

Colin Chan, Project Manager

Nat Brown, Graphic Designer

Shannon Krochenski, Calgary Lead