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ELC workshops are “the most important thing to make a change in development”.
-- Aleem Walji, Direct of World Bank Innovation Labs.

The Engineering Leadership Council offers workshops on building technical capacity, budget allocation, and understanding client needs.

Workshops are led by speakers with expertise in these topics, can be customized to your team, and provide hands-on learning of new practices and tools.

The ELC also provides follow-up coaching and facilitation to deepen understanding of the workshop content and help put principles into practice.



  • Outperform your competitors on social and environmental bid criteria
  • Understand and respond to your client’s social and environmental requirements
  • Excel at projects that serve the needs of the community
  • Internally communicate your real world impact
  • Stronger teams centred around a consistent vision
  • Improved employee morale and productivity
  • Attract and retain top talent


1. Technical capacity

How can you build the technical capacity of your organization to deliver social and environmental impact? This workshop is typically 8 hours.

2. Budget Allocations

Do your staff understand the costs of social and environmental impact and how to calculate the appropriate budget allocations? This workshop is typically ½ day.

3. Understanding the Client

Do your staff know the questions to ask a potential client to understand the client’s unique needs, risks and their business case? This workshop is typically 1 day.

4. Capacity Building

Typically one day, this workshop combines all the topics listed above and is targeted at teams who already have a baseline knowledge of each topic.

Contact us for a proposal

We will design a curriculum specific to the needs of your organization that can vary in content, length, and intended audience. We coach and facilitate in all formats including large groups or one-or-one meetings by telephone, Webex and in-person.  As a non-profit, the Engineering Leadership Council offers our services at cost.

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