About Us


Enabling Socially Responsible Solutions


Our mission is to be the foremost Community of Practice that identifies and promotes infrastructure engineering practices that lead to thriving communities, and supports the professional development of leaders in this context.


Both competition and collaboration drive innovation. Industry is a hotbed of competition, and while that can be a good thing, the Engineering Leadership Council complements that competitive reality with a collaborative innovation space.

Everyone sharing our vision and mission is invited to join the ELC community.

Our members have a positive impact. The cities and municipalities they work in benefit from what they know about how thriving communities.

Brilliant ideas exist within industries, geographic locations, and projects. Our role is to share these innovations to drive continuous improvement.


We have facilitated successful dialogues across Canada about present best practices and the gaps between where engineering infrastructure project impacts are, and where industry stakeholders would like them to be.

We have:

  • researched past and existing principles and organizations furthering social and environmental impacts
  • built a team of new and experienced professionals
  • developed learning curriculum and methods built out of industry consensus
  • been invited as both keynote speakers and dialogue facilitators to provincial and national conferences, industry sessions, and even a wine and cheese event.