Individual Leaders

Share Projects Successes

Engineering firms can substantiate the successful completion of socially and environmentally-sensitive projects through a peer-feedback process.  Once accepted, projects will be showcased on this website to improve your firm’s visibility and credibility with potential clients. This helps developers gain a better understanding of projects and know who is leading the industry.  See Amphitheatre for current success stories.


  • Reduce costly mistakes by sharing best practices, case studies and lessons learned.
  • Help our members experience a sense of purpose and meaning in their work.

Peer Feedback Process

  1. Engineering firms submit project description.
  2. Peers provides constructive feedback according to guidelines.
  3. Editor ensures the feedback is constructive.
  4. Engineering firm receives and implements feedback according to their capacity and professional judgment.
  5. Engineering Leadership Council publishes the endorsement online.

Confidentiality: The engineering firm maintains control over what becomes public information and what remains part of the confidential process. ELC reserves the right to withhold endorsements that do not meet minimum requirements. Confidentiality of project details will be strictly maintained prior to publication of the endorsements.

Contact us for pricing

Your fee will be half the cost of the work. As a non-profit, we have funders who support this initiative and will match your contribution.